Let’s have a look into the world of film with Prague Film Institute

Dive into secrets of the world of film with Prague Film Institute film college right in historical Prague. Prague Film Institute film college has been through an exceptional history and offers a familiar atmosphere to its students. The college is available for any students who would like to pierce into the world of film. Line up among the graduates of this exceptional college. Moreover, all the courses are held in English.


Three main study fields

Prague Film Institute film college offers study in three main study programs which are filmmaking, postproduction and gamedesign. The length of study is approximately 1-2 years and includes until 1000 practical lessons. Apart from that the film college offers annual summer courses during which the student can gain the basic knowledge and skills from the world of film. You can broaden your knowledge in cinematography, screenwriting or editing the draft of PC games.


Real film studios

Throughout studies, the student will learn how to direct, sound or edit a film or an advertisement and, what’s more, student will gain a great amount of theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. You will be shown many practical performances and exercises in real film studios during your studies. During a work on a film project you will also appreciate the best quality equipment such as cameras, drones etc.


Quality assurance

The guarantee of the quality of study programs is a film production Three Brothers which is in charge of fruition of a great amount of films for international companies as well as for the inland ones. Among the most important ones belongs for example Discovery Channel, BBC, Ceska Televize, ZDF, ARTE etc. That’s why the college offers a big opportunity for every student. Moreover, our film college has experienced teachers whom obtained many significant awards.

Acquire knowledge from the best and experience the beauty of historical Prague. More information about the school at: www.praguefilminstitute.cz.


Begin your studies at international film college in Prague

Do you want to break through in the film industry? To become a director, cameraman or a scriptwriter? Or just have a look into the world of film? If so, do not hesitate to apply for the international film college Prague Film Institute thanks to which you can fulfil your wish. Our film college offers 3 major study fields and its lessons are held in English language. So, why should you choose this particular college?

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